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For the last eighteen years I have been motivating people to change their limiting behaviour patterns. I also gained a Certificate in Education and have delivered various training events to a number of professional organisations. What this means for you is that I have a good track record of developing myself and others. I know what it is like to pull myself up by the bootstraps, bite the bullet and aspire to a successful and fulfilling life.

I qualified as a Master Coach with the International Neuro Linguistic Programmers Training Association (INLPTA) and I am registered with INLPTA and the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP). This means that I am qualified and certified by two of the main authoritative bodies within the Coaching Industry.

I am a skilled practitioner of many Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills such as addiction cures, behaviour modification techniques, eye movement therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), hypnosis, phobia cures, relaxation therapy, setting up and demolishing anchors, time line therapy and many more. What this means for you is that as your coach I have a number of services and techniques at my disposal so that you are able to aspire to the successful lifestyle you want.

Becky's Testimony

How I helped Becky

  • Alcohol Issues

    Alcohol is a drug. It creates a dependency just like any other drug. It is a subtle dependency and one that can ruin your life. How would you like to be free of alcohol and its associated problems, be back in control of your own life? Living it to the full. No more binging, hangovers, embarrassing experiences. You can. Get in touch now – see details at the end of this page.

  • Addictions

    Whether its an addiction of tobacco, alcohol, a habit, soft or hard drugs, together we can work through a cycle of change that will add power to your life and give you the changed lifestyle you have been so envious of for so long. All it needs is a first step.

  • Coaching supervision

    Being self-employed, as a coach, is an attraction for many people.  But what about the sense of isolation, the professional development, the continuing personal development?  This is an area many put on the back burner.  Now you don’t have to.  Coaching supervision helps to ensure you get where you want to be and provides the opportunity to grow without spending a fortune.

  • Employment Coaching

    Ask anyone who is unemployed and they will tell you that finding a job, applying and being successful can be a challenge. Brendon Flint provides support for those wanting to secure full or part-time employment, whether it’s help with CV’s, writing the application form, interview techniques and presentations, overcoming nerves – I can help.

  • Executive Coaching

    More and more businesses are finding that coaching for their management teams pays real dividends. People who are coached are more dynamic, more productive, innovative and successful. Whether it’s one to one or group coaching, we can help you and your organisation get its people where they need to be in a modern world.


  • Fear and Phobia Coaching

    Fears and phobias can ruin a person’s life. Agoraphobia, claustrophobia, arachnophobia or any other fear or phobia can be overcome.  All you need is the right programs to run.  We can teach you how. You can have your life back again.


  • Personal Development Coaching

    Sometimes people get stuck or just aren’t able to take their goals to the next stage. Personal development coaching helps you do just that.  Whether it’s writing a book, getting a promotion or changing your life in some way, I can help so that you have the life you want.


  • Relationship Coaching

    Relationships, whether at home or at work, can be an area of great concern to so many people.  Options include counselling, coaching and mediation.  I am able to help you improve or move your relationships on so that you are able to resolve the issues that are holding you back. Have the sort of life you want and get the best from your relationships. Heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual couples welcome.

  • Public Speaking Coaching

    Ask many people to speak in public and they become fearful to the point of paralysis. Whether you have to speak at a wedding, meeting, event or just want to be a great orator, I provide you with the confidence and skills you need for any situation.

  • Sexual Misbehaviour Coaching

    Whether you or your loved one has sexually misbehaved or been charged with a sexual offence, we can help. It may be an addiction to sexual activity of some description or a behaviour that is of an illegal nature; I can help you, or your family or friend to overcome it. I can provide help and support at every stage of the process.

  • Self Esteem Coaching

    Self esteem is a very important facet of life.  People often develop an attachment style that is self deprecating. The great thing about coaching is that high self esteem can be a reality for everyone. It starts with making a decision to change.  That’s where I can help show you how.

  • Spiritual Coaching

    Spiritual counselling is more than deciding which church to go to or which religion to follow.  It’s about getting in touch with your own inner self so that you can find peace in who and what you are. It’s about self realisation, spiritual growth and development. This exciting aspect of coaching is ideally suited to harmonising your life in so many fulfilling ways.  Get in touch now – see details at the end of this page.


I will complete a thorough assessment of your coaching needs to identify your goals and agree a coaching package for you.

I will be friendly and courteous at all times.

I will challenge you, your beliefs and behaviour patterns to assist you in getting the results you want.

I will provide you with materials and information to assist you in achieving your goals.

I will use tried and tested coaching techniques to assist you in becoming the success you want to be.

Our pricing policy is straightforward with no 'hidden charges'.I do not divulge your personal details without your permission.

I will contact you on time by the method we have agreed. Any other coach involved in your coaching session will be agreed with you in advance.

The standard of coaching I provide will be to professional agreed principles.

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